Government funds overhaul of bowel cancer treatment

The Government will spend 60 million pounds in an attempt to save 3000 lives per year from bowel cancer.  The money is to be spent on a new screening programme wherein 1200 experts will be added to the current NHS count.

All of this is part of a 164 million pound grant that will see the NHS reorganised to offer better cancer care.  There will also be 50 million pounds spent on life extending drugs that have been unavailable in the UK up to now.

The Prime Minister is attempting to meet a goal to make the country a world leader in cancer survival.

All of this centres around Flexi-scope procedure, which is a process that is highly valuable in bowel cancer detection and prevention.  The procedure will be added to the NHS screening programme with diligence.  Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are expected to quickly follow with approval for the procedure, also.

It is noteworthy to recognize that almost 30,000 residents of the UK develop bowel cancer every year and that more than 16,000 of that number will die.