Woman undergoing botox treatment

A Guys Guide to ‘Brotox’

Pure Aesthetics Botox Clinic in Nottingham report that more than 400,000 U.S. men received “Brotox” (a.k.a. Botox for men) injections in 2014 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In a business traditionally courting a female clientele, it is another global sign of men’s changing attitudes to ageing, when we hear of Botox becoming increasingly popular.

“There’s a reason why Botox or ‘Brotox’ is trending in 2017” says Helen Allen, owner of Pure Aesthetics, a clinic in Nottingham.

“Men are looking to increase the longevity of their careers and due to the tougher nature of men’s skin it tends naturally towards deeper wrinkles and more pronounced signs of ageing.

“Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is gaining in popularity as it is relatively inexpensive and is non-invasive, unlike plastic surgery.”

So, if you are considering it, here’s our straightforward Guy’s Guide to everything ‘Brotox’.

What is Botox?

A botox injection is a medical treatment which is used to help relax facial muscles. It makes reduces the signs of facial ageing such as crow’s feet and frown lines.

Do your homework

If you are considering Botox, you need to find a well-established and reputable practitioner. Read reviews and ask for examples of work they have done and ask to see photos.

You should always have a consultation pre-treatment and it should be explained to you that the effects may not kick in straight away and sometimes the best results start to show around 2-3 days post treatment. You also need to know that if you do love the effects, it is not permanent. On average, most Botox treatments last between two and six months.

What is the process like?

The first thing you will do is meet with the doctor, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber who will prescribe the medicine. This should always be a face-to-face meeting.

A reputable provider will want to understand your medical history and reasons for wanting the treatment, before they proceed.

The person who approves your procedure may not be the one who carries it out, or they might delegate it to another person such as a qualified nurse.

Local anaesthetic is not usually required and most people describe only mild redness, swelling or bruising, which passes very quickly. Your skin is cleaned and small amounts of botulinum toxin are injected into the muscles of the face to be treated.

The whole process takes around 10 minutes.


You will not notice an immediate improvement. On average, it takes between three and five days before the injections take hold, and up to two weeks for the best effect to be experienced.

Avoid rubbing/massaging your treated areas for up to three days.

The effects generally last for about four to six months. If you want to maintain the effect, you will need regular follow-up injections.

Helen adds:

“For fine lines and wrinkles, Botox is great for helping to reverse the ageing process and our clients say after the treatment kicks in they feel refreshed and youthful.

“Our male clients tell us that they don’t want to go under the knife and love it as a non-invasive way to look good and feel confident. They like Botox because it is inexpensive, pain-free and really quick.

Pure Aesthetics Brotox

“If you are pushed for time and you don’t want to hang around, you can get it done in your lunchbreak.”