Happy and healthy after 40 with cod liver oil

It’s fair to say aches and pains can make themselves a little more noticeable the older we get and it’s true looking great is made all the easier if you feel good on the inside. Everyday niggles such as joint pain, or a recurring infection, can wear you down and take some of the shine off your normal dazzling persona. If you’re serious about your health and well-being, then cod liver oil is a supplement you should consider including in your daily routine.

Cod liver oil – which many remember as something you were given as a child – has some pretty amazing health benefits.

1. Great for heart health: Cod liver oil is packed with essential omega 3 fatty acids. The presence of these omega 3 fatty acids in the body could help reduce blood pressure and risk of both heart disease and stroke.

2. Good for immunity: Cod liver oil contains vitamin A which has significant health benefits including fighting off diseases caused by viruses, such as respiratory conditions. Research has shown when vitamin A is taken orally it could be helpful in lightening liver spots which appear on our skin as we age.

3. Helps protect joints: Cod liver oil also contains vitamin D which plays an important role in maintaining the health of the bones and joints. Repetitive wear and tear on the joints over the years can cause them to become inflamed and lead to osteoarthritic conditions. Symptoms of these conditions could be eased with cod liver oil.

4. Eases osteoporosis symptoms: Women who have gone through the menopause are particularly prone to osteoporosis. The condition affects one in three women compared to one in 12 men. Cod liver oil is recommended for women suffering with osteoporosis as it helps with bone elasticity.

5. It’ll give your skin a healthy glow

Cod liver oil’s combination of omega 3, vitamin D and vitamin A also means it could help give your skin a healthy glow. Vitamin A is a source of retinoid which helps boost our body’s production of collagen. Our skin needs collagen for strength and flexibility to keep it looking young and healthy.

If the thought of taking a spoonful of cod liver oil sends shivers down your spine – after all, it wasn’t the tastiest medicine your mother gave you – don’t despair. Cod liver oil has come a long way over the last few decades and today it’s available in both supplement form as well as liquid form with natural St Clements oil to reduce that ‘yuck’ factor.

Looks like our mothers were right yet again!