Happy Kombucha’s kefir can improve both digestion and IBS

Anybody who has an with an interest in natural health will probably already be aware of what huge benefits can be gained from probiotics. These can be found in a massive range of pills, drinks and yoghurts which are all aimed at boosting the health of our digestive system.
Kefir is unique in that it is a living food that contains yeast, enzymes and many different strains of the probiotic bacteria that benefits the digestive tract. Kefir is a naturally probiotic food that is rich in antibodies, metabolites and antioxidants as well as many essential minerals and vitamins.
When milk in transformed into kefir the result in much superior to ordinary whole milk as it is much easier to digest thus absorbing the rich nutrients within the drink. Kefor is loaded with a whole host of probiotic bacteria and is one of the best things you can take for natural health benefits.
For those of you that love the gym and work out regularly kefir is an amazing post workout food! It’s a great source of protein, fast acting carbs, calcium, potassium, B vitamins and probiotics. Also, liquid absorbs faster than solid foods! Enjoy 8-oz of a kefir within 1-2 hours of exercising for amazing muscle replenishing results!
Some studies have shown that kefir can kill H. pylori, the bacteria known to cause stomach ulcers.
The probiotic bacteria in kefir can populate the gastro-intestinal tract and may help to reduce or even prevent procarcinogenic cells in the colon.

Recent research into the use of probiotic cultures and ‘good bacteria’ obtained from natural sources only further strengthens the rapidly growing interest in the consummation of ‘live’ cultures and ‘good bacteria’ within a balanced diet. With many individuals across the world having enjoyed the benefits of Kefir, boasting not one or two but four unique species of helpful, friendly bacteria to aid not only digestion but also to maintain a healthy digestive tract, the benefits are huge and reports confirm this. 

Kefir has been a popular drink in central Asia since the 13th century and over time its popularity has spread across the globe. Although Kefir was largely unheard of until recently in the west until the 19th century when immigrants from Eastern Europe brought it here to the UK and America.

Helping to reduce flatulence, and helping the digestive tract to properly extricate more goodness from food, Kefir grains that are made into a yogurt style of drink are not only tasty but highly nutritious too. Health gurus and nutritional therapists across the world constantly work to keep Kefir in the public eye, discussing the benefits with clients and customers looking to gain the best from nature’s most effective probiotic food supplements which has no added sugar and is 100% Natural.

And to make it even better, there are two types of kefir to choose from. Milk Kefir creates a healthy yogurt type drink that can be drank as a smoothie or used to make anything from salad dressings to Sour dough starters. As most of the lactose is fermented out of Milk kefir even those with lactose problems can generally tolerate milk kefir. Water Kefir creates an amazing sparkling soda style drink. It can be made from sugared water to make kefir lemonade or ginger beer or it can be used with Coconut water to create a sparkling coconut drink containing 5 naturally occurring essential electrolytes, more potassium than two bananas, no sugar added, no fat and no cholesterol 

Michelle Holborn, the proprietor of happy kombucha has received much acclaim for her Kefir products and other terrific cultures and kits available from this terrific online source. Stating that “Here at Happy Kombucha we supply only the best live, healthy milk Kefir grains or Readymade kefir made from Live kefir grains and when you purchase from us we ensure you receive enough live kefir to make up to a litre straight away and all the support you need to start brewing with confidence” Then comes the interesting part…” Kefir grains, because they are live, actually regenerate naturally, replicating themselves under the right conditions. This allows you to harvest more or less to suit your needs and requirements and have kefir for life. “
One noted Canadian researcher, a Ted Farnworth created a nickname for milk kefir, calling it “the champagne of dairy products” due simply to the organic, natural effervescence, fizzy taste and almost endless array of health benefits. Discover Kefir for yourself today and contact Michelle and her team at Happy Kombucha on 01323 410765 or visit their website www. Happykombucha.co.uk or visit their shop in the enterprise centre in Eastbourne (upstairs opposite the yoga centre) for more information on great ways to consume good bacteria now!