Millions of people in the UK are affected by frequent headaches, which in the worst cases can be severe enough to be very debilitating and may require medical attention. Such headaches are usually described as migraines but may be caused by a large number of reasons, most commonly, stress. Other types of headaches can arise due to other medical conditions in the individual.

Many people are tempted just to take aspirin or some other painkiller since they provide quick and effective relief. The problem with this is that the benefits are only temporary and do nothing to address the root cause of the problem. In this respect, preventatives are usually better than temporary cures.

Since many headaches are related to stress, this can be prevented by getting rid of the tension. Breathing exercises can make a world of difference and they are extremely simple.

One traditional method is to get a cold pack and place it over the forehead and eyes, which help to relax the tension and relieve the pressure that is causing the headache.

Stress and allergies, eye strain caused by staring at computer screens, not enough sleep and bad diets are all things that can cause headaches to come about. Sometimes, however, sufferers do not want to take over-the-counter medication and seek easy, natural remedies to solve the problem.

A hot bath or, less effectively, a shower can help a great deal in relaxing the muscles and relieving the tension thus ridding you of the headache. A warm pack placed on the forehead will help to reduce pressure and optimize the blood flow around the head.

Aromatherapy is another popular method to treat headaches. Peppermint or lavender oils placed in the bath or placed in a few drops straight onto the area of pain help some people. Herbal tea, especially chamomile or peppermint, is also effective in relieving headaches and will help you to feel calmer.

With the onset of a headache, there are some things that should be avoided, which can exacerbate the problem. This includes eating ice cream, chewing gum or drinking anything that is very cold.

Getting a decent amount of sleep will also help to alleviate the problem as does avoiding drinking too much caffeine.

It is important if your headaches are more severe and frequent to consult a doctor since it could be a sign of an additional medical problem or an allergy. Luckily, however, most headaches are simple and easily solvable ailments by studying the methods mentioned above.