Healthy Diet Tips For Women

It can be easy to feel that we are denying ourselves the pleasure of food when we are following a calorie controlled diet, but this needn’t be the case. A few simple ideas can help you achieve your weight loss goals, while still enjoying the food you eat. A balanced variety of foods is important for health and choosing low-calorie versions of your favourite foods is now quite easy to do.

Simply using low-fat milk and cheese along with replacing meat with tasty non-meat substitutes like Quorn can help cut down the calories without cutting down on the taste.

As food is a visual as well as a flavour experience, using smaller sized plates can help you to reduce portion size while still giving you a ‘full plate’ of food. The mind can be surprisingly quick at accepting that it has had ‘enough’. Accompanying meals with colourful salads can also have the same effect.

Making time to savour your meals whenever possible is also a good strategy. Many of us eat on the run, or while watching tv and therefore hardly notice either what we’re eating or how much. A bit of extra time spent really taking in the colours, flavours and textures of your meal can really help you feel more satisfied with your food and also give the body time to register how much has been eaten.

When time is short, or you just fancy a change, you could also include a nutritionally balanced meal or snack replacement food, formulated for weight loss. Try out Maxitone weight loss shakes, which come in chocolate, strawberry or banana. They also have snack sized bars and nutrient balanced weight loss capsules. Used as part of your weight loss plan these foods can ensure that you are getting the best balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy as well as lean.

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