Healthy Eating Vs. Dieting

We’ve all been there.  It’s Sunday afternoon.  You devoured a full english breakfast for ‘medicinal purposes’ after a ‘medicinal vodka’ too many the night before and then later, a mammoth roast dinner with all the trimmings, apple pie with custard and a ‘medicinal’ glass of wine.  You are slumped on the sofa with a belly the size of the globe and wondering if you will ever be able to move again.

DIET.  STARTS.  TOMORROW.  So that’s settled then.  You can quickly polish off those chocolates and the rest of the bottle as tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new you.  Hurrah!  And falling into a food induced heavy sleep, you dream of your new life as a toned, good looking, damn fine super human with members of the opposite sex falling at your feet….

Monday 7am –  Why are you so hungry?!  Swerving your normal tea and toast weekday breakfast, you opt for a litre of water and a grape, congratulating yourself all the way to work for being so awesome at this dieting thing.

9am – Ravenous, grumbly tummy and what can only be described as the worst mood ever recorded this side of the beginning of time, you opt for a coffee.  Black, no sugar and super healthy.

9:13am –  Surely you’re not supposed to feel like this?!  The mood swing took a complete nose dive and you threatened to punch the new girl if she asked how your weekend was one more time.

9:17am – Succumbing to the crippling hunger pains, headache and sugar crash, you march right over to the nearest greasy spoon and chomp through a breakfast to rival the worlds fattest man’s favourite fry up.

Is this really how a diet is supposed to be?  All you wanted was a flawless body like whats-his-name off the telly.

The truth is, celebrities get paid to look the way they do.  It’s all part of their job.  You work in an office and get paid to be shouted at by your boss.

What you need to assess is not how you compare to other people, but how healthy you are on the inside.  It’s all very well living off lettuce and looking like your idea of fabulous; but if you are going to get a horrible disease or die before your time is up, it’s not ideal.

Have a look at It is a great article which can really help you to understand what nutrients your body needs and what foods to eat to get them.  If you can tweak your everyday diet and have a healthier lifestyle, I guarantee you will feel AND see the results.

If you think you are doing all that you can and not seeing any differences, or worse, getting bigger; it might be worth finding a nutritionist to help you.  You can completely change the way you look at food and re- educate yourself with their help.  To find a nutritionist in your area, click here.

Remember that most of the people you see in magazines and on the TV have been airbrushed/ computerised in some way.  Just try to be healthy and happy with all that you have and be active where you can- taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking to work instead of driving etc- and maybe try not to have quite so many fry ups…

Written by Elle Jenkins, Nutritionist Resource, 30th August 2012