Healthy Quorn Recipe

Everyone loves a great sausage stew from time to time, but most people avoid treating themselves to sausage too often given the fact that it is a known artery blocker and all around poor meat choice for a healthy body.

However, now you can have your sausage and eat it too thanks to Quorn, which has created a Quorn Sausage brand which tastes like the original meat with absolutely none of the unhealthy attributes of pork.  In its place is mircoprotein, which is an extremely healthy ingredient that is packed full with all the traditional amino acids your body would normally get from meet.

In this great promotional video you get to watch a chef prepare a mouth savouring meal in three minutes that translated into real time would only take the average chef about twenty minutes to prepare.

That means that in twenty minutes, about the time it takes to run out of the house to grab a take-out, so on a busy evening or after a long day with the children, you can serve your family a traditional home-made meal that is low in fat, low in calories, and contains almost no cholesterol that still tastes great.

This is the true blessing of all Quorn products such as the sausage brand, the fact that they allow you to serve your family the healthy meals you want without paying more or spending more time in the kitchen.

In fact, for the meal in the video all you need is some Quorn sausage, onions, peppers, tomato, oil, and corn.  Just these five ingredients and a handful of spices and you can have a meal fit for a restaurant in front of your family, which is just another reason why vegetarians and non-vegetarians are discovering the magic of Quorn.