Highlighting the dangers of using a sun bed

The dangers of using a sun bed are well known but a recent study has gone to show that the risk of developing skin cancer is higher than people thought by using one of these devices. The study showed that if you are under 35 and use a sun bed then you are more than twice as likely to develop skin cancer than someone who does not.

The study has gone to show that young people are more susceptible to skin cancer and that using a sun bed at a younger age is more likely to trigger the growth of skin cancer. Interestingly, the study highlighted a very specific figure about sun bed use and showed that every time someone who is under 35 uses a sun bed they increase their chance of developing cancer by nearly 2 percent.

The survey also wanted to point out that even if you are over 35, the chances of developing skin cancer if you use a sun bed a still greater. It is estimated that those over 35 who are using a sun bed are 20 percent more likely to develop skin cancer.

Around 100,000 people in the UK currently have skin cancer and since the 1970s the number of people suffering from the disease has increased fourfold. The reason more skin cancer is being seen as because people are being exposed to more ultraviolet radiation and there are two main reasons because of this. One is that people are able to travel abroad more as holidays have become more affordable, and second is the more prevalent use of sunbeds.

The study also highlighted that over 60,000 cases of skin cancer in its most harmful form have been directly linked to sunbeds. It is estimated that every year 900 people die because of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.