HIV infections in London increase by 20% during 2012

HIV infections are prevalent among gay men in London, and sexual health workers said that gay sex and the use of high risk drugs lead to an increase in the numbers of gay men suffering from HIV infections. The current statistic from Public Health England showed that HIV infections in the capital increased by 20% in 2012. The charities have warned that the virus causing HIV infections is one of the most serious public health issues faced by the United Kingdom today.

Throughout the country, the HIV infection rate was up by 8%. A total of 3,240 new infections were reported and the infection occurs to men who have sexual contact with men. As a matter of fact, in the city of London there is a total of 1, 720 new infections reported. The transmission rate has also increased and it is linked to irresponsible use of needle during drug session and unprotected sex while they were high on drugs.

With the advancement in medicine, people suffering from HIV infection now have the chance to live a normal and healthy life with many new treatments for HIV are now available. With the absence of treatment, HIV infections may lead to seriously debilitating and life threatening illness. Over the past decade, HIV infections have increased steadily. Health authorities have warned the public about AIDS and gave emphasis on the importance of safe sex, but this was not getting through to the generation today.

This year’s increase in HIV infection was attributed to the widespread of experimentation. The Public Health England said that the use of recreational drugs is actually one of the reasons to the growing rate of HIV infections among gay men. Earlier this year, a very same concern was raised over the increasing number of men who snort and smoke as well as men who use party drugs like mephedrone and methamphetamine.