Honda highlights Blood Bikes

You may not have had to undergo a blood transfusion yourself, but the majority of us know someone who has at some time had to be given blood as the result of an illness, accident or during surgery. While most think that somewhere deep in the bowels of a hospital there is a never ending supply of blood waiting to be used, this is far from reality.

Yes hospitals have a store, but how do they get extra or rare blood if there is an emergency situation? The answer is through a nationwide team of volunteers who run ‘blood bikes’. These are ordinary people who volunteer in their own time, mainly during the night, to collect and deliver blood wherever and whenever it is needed. They pay for all their own fuel too, thus costing the NHS nothing for this vital service.

A new video has been released showing one of these volunteers. Explains that when the call comes they have no idea who the patient is, or what is wrong with them, they simply jump on their bikes and get the blood from A to B as quickly as possible. The guy in the video tells how he mainly rides at night, and how it feels, at times, to be the only vehicle on the A1 motorway in the middle of the night while everyone sleeps.

The video is sponsored by Honda as this particular ‘blood biker’ uses a Honda as his work bike, due to their speed and reliability. This is an incredibly thought provoking insight into a group of people that many don’t even realise exist. This is true charity work as they get nothing from it except the knowledge that they could have saved another life. After watching this video, you will think very differently about blood supplies to hospitals.