Hospitals struggle under the pressures of winter

The hospitals are under so much pressure this winter that NHS chiefs are treating the situation as if they are facing a major incident. According to the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust officials, they have already declared an emergency of ‘level four’ which is equivalent of dealing with major incidents.

There are 5 community hospitals under the direction of the trust; they are located in Pershore, Malvern, Evesham, Bromsgrove and Tenbury. In order to ease the pressure off major hospitals like Alexandra Hospital and Worcestershire Royal Hospital and to make sure that patients are getting medical care within their reach, the trust also operates various other forms intermediate care.

In a meeting, the Chief operating officer of the trust, Jan Ditheridge has said that from the beginning of the New Year, they are facing an increasing demand for medical beds. The situation demands an immediate response from both the health and social care institutions like GPs, community hospitals and nursing homes. Though they always welcome this type of increase in demand, it has become a challenging one this year.

According to Mrs Ditheridge, the situation is declared level four because the outbreak required action in such scale which occurs only in times of major incidents when the NHS is experiencing more than 30% increase in their activities.

The trust is continuously managing increased activities with increased number of people in their community teams when the period was putting more pressure on it to allocate beds for severely injured people. And they do not think that the peak hour has finished.

However, the trust had never needed to use all of its available beds in the community hospitals. This unbelievable achievement was made possible by the combined effort of the health and care trust stuffs. They have helped the patients to be discharged quickly and to return to their own homes.