How Takeaway Food can be enjoyed alongside Regular Exercise

An Advetising Feature

It is never going to be advised to diet solely on fast foods but the urge for a pizza or Chinese takeaway can creep upon us all – the good news is, there are ways to indulge in these treats and successfully control our weight with regular exercise.

Honesty is a major factor when it comes to balancing diet with exercise, especially when eating high calorie foods.  Misjudging your calorie intake/burn ratio can see you sacrificing hours out of your week in the gym for minimal results.  You may feel like you deserve a plate of fish and chips after a 5k run but this meal alone can cancel out all of the calories just burned.  Thankfully, by consciously selecting the right fast-foods you can get the best of both worlds.


Boiled rice is a very healthy food for accompanying an exercise regime but a lot of us tend to choose fried rice dishes instead.  There isn’t too much difference between these in texture but the calorie difference can be substantial.  Chinese traditionalists eat a lot boiled rice, with steamed vegetables and fresh chicken – a much more nutritionally satisfying meal to crispy chilli beef with fried rice.

Complimentary prawn crackers, prawn toast or any other fried ‘delicacies’ can be undermining all of your exercise without you knowing.  Chinese soups are much healthier and boiled or noodle based stir fries can be great refuelling meals.


Pasta is renowned for how well it compliments exercise.  The slow release of energy is perfect for duration workouts but the Italians are responsible for a very different food, one which has achieved world domination, one which most people could not live without – pizza.

The base is made of dough which can be a great source of carbohydrates.  Meat toppings can be rich in protein and cheese can provide calcium for strong bones.  However, we tend to order pizzas from takeaways which can be overloaded with greasy toppings, based on thick crusts and stuffed with extra cheese.

Homemade pizzas can be the best option here – freshly made dough can be rolled thin and low fat cheeses can be used on top.  Tomato pastes and herbs can make pizzas much tastier while in keeping with a well balanced diet.


A common order of chicken korma with pilau rice and a naan bread can require you to run over 20 miles to burn off.  Similar to Chinese food, Indian curries can be accompanied by deep fried extras such as bhajis, samosas and poppadoms.  Steer clear from these and choose a tomato based meal (e.g. jalfrezi) to enjoy an Indian meal without sabotaging your fitness regime.

Again, always choose boiled rice and trust those delicious curry sauces to add an amazing taste to your meal.

Monitoring your calories…

Takeaway dishes don’t always come with nutritional labels so it can be difficult to gauge how many calories are contained in each meal.  Talking with a personal trainer or nutritionist at the gym can provide you with great dietary insight.

As for monitoring how many calories you are burning, this is a little easier.  A lot of UK gyms are equipped with advanced cardio machines now, which examine your entire exercise and present a breakdown of your calorie-burning results on a digital display.