How to cover and protect your skin with the right concealer

It’s normal to want your skin to look its best, but trying to cover your skin’s imperfections without damaging it can turn into a vicious cycle. Sometimes even a good cleansing regime is not enough to prevent heavy concealers suffocating your skin so choosing the right concealer is vital if you want to protect and nourish skin as well as cover its imperfections.

Make it breathable

The first step towards protecting your skin is choosing a concealer that’s breathable. Many concealers and foundations have a comedogenic effect – meaning they clog pores and encourage acne by allowing bacteria to build up. Breathable concealers do the same job as normal concealers with one key difference- they remain on the surface of the skin in order to prevent bacteria getting blocked in your pores and aggravating your skin.

Look at the concealer’s SPF

Sun damage is one of the major causes of premature ageing and protecting your skin from the sun as part of your regular beauty regime is a long-term anti-aging solution. The sun damages the skin when its UV rays penetrate the skin and damage collagen – the protein that keeps the skin smooth, firm and flexible. When collagen degradation occurs, the skin develops fine lines and wrinkles. Many make-up products now contain sun protection so by choosing a product with a good SPF rating (between SPF 15 and 30 is usually recommended), you can keep your skin looking young and hold off premature ageing.

Consider the concealer’s ingredients

Most people wouldn’t eat something without knowing what it is, and the same rule should apply for when you wear make-up. While some make-up ingredients may aggravate the skin and encourage dryness, redness or clogged pores, other ingredients may have nourishing or protective properties which can keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. Some concealers actually contain collagen – the protein that keeps your skin firm and smooth – and when applied daily, can boost your collagen levels to protect your skin from free radicals in the air that age your skin.

Lycogel Breathable Concealer uses revolutionary technology to increase collagen levels all over the skin and firm skin around the delicate eye area. It is available in four tones to effectively mask dark circles, blemishes and age spots and uses unique triple silica gel technology to allow your skin to breathe.

The chemical structure of Lycogel Breathable Concealer keeps it attracted to the surface of the skin in order to help it stay in place and most importantly, out of your pores.  It is also SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and provide an all-round level of protection in the fight against blemishes and premature ageing.