How to Diagnose and Treat an Abdominal Migraine

An abdominal migraine is a very painful condition that involves severe pains in one’s abdomen. This is an especially harmful condition that children suffer from but it can also be experienced by adults. There are many signs of one of these types of migraines. When these indicators are found certain treatments should be applied right away.

With one of these migraines the pains that are present in the abdomen will be located in the central part of the area. The pains will be very dull in intensity and they can last for up to three full days if they are not treated properly.

When the pains are being felt various unpleasant symptoms can occur. Nausea and vomiting are among the most common side effects, as well as a loss of appetite that can occur in some people.

In many cases these episodes will be isolated events. However, if a person has five or more of these episodes over time that person can be diagnosed as someone who has these debilitating migraines.

It should be noted that while adults can suffer from this condition most people who endure it are children. They will become more likely to experience regular migraine headaches in the future if they experience these abdominal migraines as a youngster.

There are many medications that can be used as treatments for this condition. Wellbutrin SR is a common drug that is used for some of the most severe pains. However, for children who are younger and may not be able to handle higher levels of medicine like the 400mg Wellbutrin SR a lower dose medicine such as 75mg Elavil can be used.

While a migraine can be very painful to the abdomen it can be treated through medications. It will be very important to identify the symptoms of this condition so that treatments can begin without delay.