How to overcome your fear of the dentist

It’s a proven fact that one in four of us have a fear of the dentist. It is however a necessity that we entertain regular check-ups and there are ways to overcome this fear.

Tips to ease the fear

It’s not rare to fear a trip to the dentist. You may have a fear of the treatment hurting or alternatively, the smells, sounds and look of the practice may bring back a past memory. This is especially the case with the older generation. Dentistry in the past is not what it is now and the methods used in this day and age are far more advanced.

Many dentists will go out of their way to understand their patient’s fears and with a mixture of gentleness, confidence and kindness; they are able to make each and every dental appointment a stress-free one.

A number of today’s practises boast an organisation helpline. Those scared of the dentist are able to ring up at a time suited to them and speak to a trained advisor. Dental phobia Specialists will even reassure patents on any up-and-coming appointments or treatments.

Dental advances

Those unable to bring themselves to see a dentist due to anxiety and fear should keep in mind that the entire experience is a lot more tolerable nowadays. Modern surgeries not only appear a little different in style, they also feature a number of polite, trained and helpful staff. The waiting areas are often bright and welcoming, with flowers, magazines and art on the walls.

Advances in various treatments and technologies have also allowed dentists to improve their service dramatically. Most treatments come with a complete pain-free guarantee and if you are scheduled for surgery, anaesthetic will ensure that you don’t feel a thing. Even the drills make less of a noise now than they used too.

Those with a needle phobia will welcome the news of the ‘dental wand’. This computerised injection system looks very similar to that of a pen and dispenses the anaesthetic extremely slowly, making it completely painless. A numbing gel is often applied to the gums prior to this to doubly ensure there is no pain.

Need to know

There are a number of tips available that will help you conquer your fear of the dentist. One includes sourcing an understanding dentist. Do a little research prior to signing up to a practice or alternatively, go by recommendations.

Letting the dentist know of your fears will allow them to help you through the entire process. Meeting your dentist and familiarising yourself with the surgery is another way to prepare for an up-and-coming procedure and means you can banish your fear for good – or at least learn how to cope with it.