How to shop for your new weight

Although it might seem like a never-ending process, which is a daunting and formidable prospect at the time, strict dieting and continual gym sessions do work and weight loss is an achievable goal. However, with that new figure and renewed confidence, showing everyone how good you look is a bit difficult with a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit.

While the thought of going shopping for a completely new collection full of skinny jeans, slim suits and flattering dresses sounds like a dream come true, it is difficult to know where to start. After years of buying certain types of clothes and knowing which styles suit your shape, there is now the dilemma of finding what will look good, what will feel comfortable and what will exemplify your fabulous new figure. Here are some top tips on how to shop for your new weight:

1.      Get the basics right. None of us really need all the clothes we currently have, so buying quality items that we frequently use is very important. These include casual clothes, like jeans and comfortable sweaters, as well asmore formal items, such as a white shirt, dress trousers, and a blazer.

2.      Ignore sizes. After reaching your new weight and understandably feeling great, it is tempting to find an outfit based purely on its size, to show off how much weight you’ve lost. However, sizes differ greatly and decisions should be based on how they actually look. If it’s only one size different to what you normally wear, it doesn’t matter; the reflection looking back at you could show a huge difference, much to your satisfaction.

3.      Sell my clothes online. Keeping hold of your old wardrobe items is a bad idea, as those baggy, unflattering clothes will always fit even if you gain weight again. This means you are less likely to stay motivated and maintain your new figure. However, by selling your old clothes, you can clear out your previous collection and even have a bit of extra cash to spend on some new attire.

4.      Be brave. Old buying habits die-hard and the tendency to buy loose, uncomplimentary clothing is understandable. However, you have probably worked extremely hard to achieve your new weight and to hide this away would be a travesty. Leave your previous attitude at the door and go for bright colours and figure hugging garments; it might just suit you.

5.      Ask a friend or shop assistant to help. Having a new shopping partner who knows how to shop for more flattering clothes is a great help. Shop staff also know about the latest trends and will be more than happy to pick out items that look great and make you feel even better.