Innovative new products aim to help dementia sufferers

Innovations are always being created in order to help people who are suffering from dementia. Some of the latest innovations include wrist alarms and special scented sprays which can trigger appetite.

The scent innovation is a device that can be plugged into a wall and it will trigger hunger in the person with dementia. This will encourage them to eat three times a day and not forget to consume food. The second innovation is a wristband that will alert an emergency centre if the person falls down.

There has also been talk about training special dogs which could help people suffering from dementia. It is thought that these dogs might be able to help people remember to keep hydrated and takes their medication.

These different prototype designs were recently revealed to the Department of Health after they ran a competition to develop such innovations. The government has stated that they want to focus on creating innovations that are going to make life easier for people suffering from dementia.

The Minister for care services is Paul Burstow and he has commented, “Dementia is something that leaves people trapped and they can feel unsupported and isolated. Therefore we have been working with people in order to develop these innovations which are going to make their lives more comfortable and easier to manage. We have selected five winning designs and we think that they have extraordinary potential to bring a great deal of comfort to people with dementia, as well as their families.”

It is estimated that just under 700,000 people in the UK suffer from dementia and this figure is something that is growing annually. The Alzheimer’s Society has commented, “It is great to see that new innovation is being focused towards helping people with this terrible disease.