Just 435 quid will let you know when you will die

To keep tabs on your specific aging process it will soon cost only 435 quid. There has been a blood test developed by scientists that can indicate the speed of your aging and give an estimate as to that person’s life expectancy. These test results could one day be vital to companies in the life insurance business that offer medical cover.

Later this year the blood test, that is still very controversial, will go on sale in Britain to the general public. The test measures vital structures located on the tips of the chromosomes called telomeres. Many believe these are the most accurate of all indicators as to the speed that a person is aging.

These tests scientists say can tell whether, measured by their telomeres, an individual’s biological age is older or younger than their chronological age. They know that people that are born with shorter telomeres than what is normal will have a shorter life. But what they do not know is if the ones with longer than normal are going to give that individual a longer lifespan.

They hope that the test will prove to be breakthrough in filling the curiosity of people with regards to their mortality thus allowing them to plan their lives accordingly, however they do not think predictions can be calculated to months or years someone still has left to live.