Laser Eye Surgery Options

Laser eye surgery patients are becoming less focused on price and more interested in equipping themselves with detailed information regarding the laser used during their treatment and the credentials of their surgeon, a recent study has shown.

Recent research from laser eye surgery specialists Optimax reveals that visits to their website’s Laser Comparison page have multiplied since the feature was introduced in January 2010, suggesting an increased interest in the final result and greater general awareness about the procedure.

Encouraged by consumer advice to make their choice of laser provider based on careful research rather than the ‘bargain’ prices sometimes used in advertising, consumers are now taking more time to differentiate between the laser systems used at the various clinics, and are more likely to question a laser clinic’s record of successful treatments.

The laser providers’ comparison table considers factors such as the regularity of servicing, frequency of laser upgrades along with the medical background of the doctors operating them.

It also shows typical success rates for the three main laser systems used in most UK laser eye surgery clinics, based on independent studies of results from each.

Dr Malcolm Samuel, Medical Director at Optimax says; ‘Patients choosing a laser eye surgery clinic should look for the latest available technology, and check the qualifications and experience of their surgeon’. He adds; ‘The majority of Optimax surgeons are fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmology, all of whom are highly experienced laser specialists. Our laser technology is constantly reviewed and updated.’

Use of the internet is also believed to be a major factor in the emergence of ‘clued up’ laser eye surgery candidates, who make their booking having already done extensive online research regarding their options and are familiar with the medical terms involved.