Lemsip’s Cold and Flu Tracker tool

The cold and flu season is now upon us.  Lemsip have introduced a tool so that, wherever you are, when you get that scratchy sore throat or when those cold symptoms strike, don’t suffer alone!

Join Lemsip’s thousands of Facebook followers and have your say about the nation’s number 1 selling cold & flu brand! Worried about catching a cold this winter? Why not monitor cold & flu incidence levels in your area using the Lemsip UK Cold & Flu Tracker? Featuring on the official Lemsip Facebook page, it provides a great way to spread sympathy and comfort around the UK this cold and flu season.

The interactive Cold and Flu Tracker will add real time incidences of illness around the UK, highlighting on the map the region with the highest number of people with the sniffles. You can either scroll over the map and find out the sickest region in the UK or let your friends know that you are ill by clicking on your region and tagging yourself on the map, signalling that you’re suffering. Sort your real Facebook pals from the rest and see how many of them respond to news that you are unwell by sending you comfort and well wishes!

To start receiving some sympathy simply visit the Lemsip UK Cold and Flu Tracker and follow these steps;

– Click on your region on the map to see how many people are suffering from cold and flu in your region

– If you are suffering you can then press the button ‘Add me to the map’ to let everyone you know that you are sick

– Your friends will then receive a message from you and you can start getting some comfort in your time of need

For more information on the Lemsip Cold and Flu Tracker and details on Lemsip products to help you get through cold and flu season, visit www.facebook.com/Lemsip.