Lens Care Products from Dr Optic

Spectacle wearers are being given a helping hand to see things more clearly thanks to the launch of new optical lens care brand, Dr Optic.

With consumer spending still relatively low, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that expensive items such as glasses, sunglasses and gadgets with lenses or screens are properly cared for and maintained to avoid the cost of replacement.

The range contains two specialist products, each with a laboratory-tested formula that specifically cares for and cleans even the most sensitive and expensive coated lenses, unlike many standard formula wipes and sprays.

Each product offers quick-dry, smear-free cleaning with anti-scratch technology for spotlessly clean lens surfaces, and can be used to clean a multitude of everyday items.

These include removing smears and smudges from prescription glasses and the inevitable sun-cream marks from sunglasses. They can also be used to keep the lenses and screens of cameras, camcorders, televisions, computers, laptops, mobile phones, binoculars, telescopes, motorcycle helmet visors and mirrors in top condition.

Optical Lens Wipes are available in packs of 24 (RRP £1.99) and 12 ( RRP £1.29) and are perfect for carrying in bags, glasses cases and pockets, as they are packaged in individually wrapped and sealed sachets.

Optical Cleaner & Microfibre Cloth (RRP £3.99) offers a Dr Optic special formula alongside microfibre technology, to gently lift dirt and smears from the glass surface, offering the very best care possible and resulting in a perfect finish.

The Dr Optic range has been two years in the making, with the products undergoing vigorous testing processes on all known glass coatings to ensure that lenses are cared for and kept looking their best for as long as possible.