Long time student have lower blood pressure

According to a study from the BMC Public Health journal, research indicates that the longer one stays in education the lower their blood pressure this seems to be more common in women but those stressed on the night before important exams will not agree.

The study was based on information from the American Framingham Offspring Study that was researched by scientists from the UK, US, and Canada and covered nearly 4,000 people for 30 years following how long they were in education and their medical past.

Professor Eric Loucks of Brown University in the US, says the study should explain about the widely documented relationship between education and heart disease risk in developed countries around the world.

Wanting to answer the question as to whether education influences heart disease they had to find out if education was related to blood pressure, one of the major influences of heart disease.

Comparisons were made between people that had more than 17 years or less than 12 years of education and found that women that studied for more than 17 years had a lower blood pressure of on the average of 3.26 millimeters than those that only studies for 12 years.

There was less of a difference in men with only a difference of 2.24mm but still that difference was in favor of those with longer education.

The benefit of education was still present even after taking into affect smoking, obesity, drinking and blood pressure medications even though the differences decreased to just under 3mm for women and 2.25mm for men. The study is from mostly white suburban areas and is one drawback to the  quality of the study.