Lotus Olbas Tissues now available in boxes

Lotus Olbas tissues combine the luxurious softness of Lotus tissues and the vapour releasing power of family favourite Olbas.   Originally available in a handy pocket pack the comforting combination now also comes in the larger facial tissue box – meaning that you can always have a stash of this comforting tissue on hand at home – or in the office – as well as on the go.

The tissues are embedded with tiny oil capsules that when crushed release soothing vapours, so whether you’re busy ‘keeping all the balls’ in the air, or simply recuperating at home, they’ll help you keep breathing easy.

Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues are implanted using ground-breaking crush technology. The mixture of natural vapours including menthol, eucalyptus, juniper berries and cajuput are only released when the tissue is crushed.

Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues are available at Boots, Sainsbury’s and other major retailers at £2.29 (MRRSP).