Magnet coils could delay the progress of Alzheimer’s

What may stimulate the parts of the brain which are involved in leading and memory, is the use a magnet coil. This could also help delay Alzheimer’s disease, according to scientists. They also believe that if the magnetic coil is used early in disease’s course, it will increase the life of the patients with extra months.

This type of technology is known as trans-cranial magnetic stimulation and it has been developed by Neuronix Medical – an Israeli firm. The good news is that this technology has already been tried on patients and it has shown some promising results.

A recent test, conducted in Manchester, six persons will be having a magnetic coil over their heads while identifying shapes, solving puzzles and answering questions. All of those people are in the early stage of the disease. The scientists hope that the magnetic field will pass through key areas of the brain and it will strengthen important connections between the cells.

Earlier tests, performed on mice, the technology showed really great results and this is what gave sufficient confidence to people that the magnetic coil should be tried on persons. The scheduled brains scans which are going to be performed in the University of Manchester will have to find out more about the way it works.

A specialist from Neuronix Medical said: “The shown results are more than great and we hope that in future we will be able to reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The improvements can be clearly seen after at least 6 months of post-treatment and this is definitely great news.” – the specialist also added.