Middle class children more likely to be overweight

A new study came out from the Health Ministry which claims that the children of middle-class families are usually more overweight than their poorer counterparts. These numbers are from new research that looked into how fat kids were based on their parents’ income. Anna Soubry, the Health Minister, said that bad food and cultural factors were to blame, with households that have access to TV dinners seeing kids becoming more obese.

The study was conducted in Leeds and looked at the backgrounds of many families. In total 13,000 children between the age of 11 and 12 were examined, and the data was correlated with where they lived. This resulting link appeared to be more obvious with girls, but even boys would see their weight being somewhat linked to their economic situation. According to the report, children who live in poor neighbourhoods simply do not have access to some of the more fattening foods, while middle-class families get these in abundance.