Milk teeth need to be brushed too

Instilling a good dental hygiene routine in our children from the earliest possible age is of vital importance. Many parents still have a flippant attitude towards milk teeth, and think because they are going to fall out anyway why make a fuss over making their kids clean there teeth.

What these parents aren’t taking into consideration is that it is during these formative years we learn most of our life skills, and a good dental routine is essential as you can’t suddenly thrust a toothbrush at an older child and tell them to do something at least twice daily that they have never done before. By getting children into the routine of cleaning and flossing they will be well prepared for the arrival of their adult teeth.

Toothcare giant Colgate are dedicated to the healthcare of children. The Brits are known throughout the world for their bad teeth, and this is due mainly to bad habits being passed on from parents to children. To highlight this latest campaign about the importance of dental hygiene amongst youngsters, Colgate have produced a video along the lines of kids say the funniest things to see what they really know about teeth.

Schoolchildren are asked such questions as what is the tooth fairy? How do you brush your teeth? What happens when you don’t clean your teeth? And what does a dentist do? While the answers are invariably hysterical, it does show that while kids do know about teeth, they are still lacking in some important knowledge.

As they are giving their answers to some of the questions, the correct ones flash up on the screen. Such as making sure they clean their teeth at night and one other time through the day, using a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, clean for at least 2 minutes and to avoid fizzy drinks where possible.