Millions at risks by experts underplaying the dangers of diabetes

health and wellbeing authorities are putting millions at risk by undermining the dangers of diabetes. 20 boards’ health strategies and policies have been examined by Diabetes UK, and have been found to be wanting.

The CEO of diabetes UK, Baroness Barbara Young has said that the number of people afflicted by the condition is rising drastically, with little effort put out to prevent type 2. Massive NHS costs, premature deaths and sever complications arise from poor management of the condition in those who already have the condition.

There is a new treatment that reduces the damage done to myocardial tissue by heart attacks. The treatment will also help those who are in danger of developing heart complications in future.

MitoSNO, the new drug, will temporarily disable the functions of mitochondria, in myocardial cells, thereby preventing free-radical damage, when circulation is restored to the heart tissue.

MitoSNO has greatly reduced the amount of tissue damaged in the hearts of mice due to heart attacks, says the journal Nature Medicine. According to researcher Shannon Amoils, of the British Heart foundation, the drug will be part of the routine for treating people who have just suffered a myocardial infarction.

The treatment will stop people, who have survived a heart attack, from living with the debilitating and distressing stress of expecting further heart failure.

Journals are reporting about the benefits of stem cell therapy, for people who have been disabled by a recent stroke. Five in Nine victims of stroke have shown a mild-to-moderate improvement after stem cells were injected into their brain.

Some of the patients were able to move their fingers after they had spent several years without having any motility in them. Similarly others were able to walk for a distance without any assistance. The patients studied were all over 60 years of age and has suffered a stroke for periods ranging between 6 months and 5 years previously.