More health risks attributed to processed foods

As the world continues to become dependent on processed foods over fresh food, such as takeaways and packets or tins, the implications of this dependence are going to be negative effects on public health. It should therefore inspire those who are concerned about health to find the willpower, confidence, and time to cook fresh foods and to bypass processed meat in their daily diet.

The findings are based on health and diet and were published in BMC Medicine. It looked at about 450,000 people from about ten different European countries over the last few years. The results show that a diet that includes a great deal of processed meat is linked to a 3% increased risk for premature deaths and increases the risk of dying from cancer by 11% and heart disease by a whopping 72%.

Risk is also partially dependent on family history and lifestyle because those that are predisposed to heart disease will increase their risk even more by eating a poor diet. Some experts question that those who eat processed meat are also more likely to smoke making them at a higher risk for cancer or heart disease as well. Therefore, these experts claim that diet alone cannot be blamed for increased health risks.

Head of nutritional sciences research division from King’s College London, Professor Tom Sanders, stated that tobacco use is a large factor that was not isolated in the study. He said that the two factors, smoking and diet contaminate the results.

However, it is clear that salt, saturated fat content, and nitrates that come out during the process of cooking processed meats all contribute to health concerns. The good news is that the average adult only eats about 37g of processed meat per day but some adults do eat much more that should be concerned.