MRSA the curse of the modern hospital

When we play with Mother Nature there are often unintended consequences. Look no further than our attempts of treating certain health issues and have now led to the infection problem today with MRSA. MRSA is the abbreviation for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is commonly known to us as staph. Thankfully it is treatable with a number of different antibiotics and not deadly.

The methicillin-resistant part of MRSA is the troubling part of the name. This means the strain of staph bacteria has over time built up a resistant to methicillin antibiotics and they are essentially the usual antibiotics that we use to treat staph. Staph for the most part kills no one but MRSA has killed over 19,000 people a year.

What most question is how did this all come about. Every living organism evolves over a period of time and staph bacteria is the same. The bacteria are killed continually by MRSA bacteria until a slight form of variation allows part of it to survive. That then starts replicating and spreading.

Of course what we all fear is what happens when MRSA explodes and starts to spread everywhere and we get overwhelmed with a bacteria that does not die and lives in our hospitals and other medical care facilities. Because of this MRSA is referred to as a superbug and is potentially a huge problem.

In many people’s opinion the problem with the MRSA threat did not need to become a threat or such a big problem. Antibiotics are viewed by so many as magical cures for almost everything. If small amounts worked well then large amounts should do wonders. This thought process lead to an incredible overuse of antibiotics thus increasing the rate of speed the bacteria evolved a resistant strain.

This is how bad it became. Did anyone know the food we eat everyday has antibiotics, here we are talking specifically about meat. Cows get injected with them, chickens and others animals that are mass produced. The rate of these antibiotics is even increasing as genetic manipulation alters size but they are less able to fight off disease.