Nasal spray can quell domestic arguments

Researchers from Zurich University found a unique way to end an argument between married couples, simply administer a quick spray of nasal spray and the situation can quickly be diffused. As odd as the solution may sound, it was discovered that when sprayed with a nasal spray product that is available over the counter warring couples will actually settle down and with continued use of the spray they will not fight nearly as much.

This is due to the fact that one of the ingredients in the nasal spray is ocytocin which is a natural hormone that makes men more sensitive and makes women friendlier. The end result is that couples are less likely to argue when they have an increased amount of this hormone in their blood stream.

For this reason, some people refer to this hormone as the ‘cuddle drug’ and it is commonly used in products that are meant to build trust, sexual attraction, confidence, and more. Professionals sometimes also use the drug to help improve the link between a mother and her newborn infant as it will travel through the breast milk and help bond the child to their mother.