New classy women’s cigarettes cause a stir

It could be mistaken as a luxury perfume with is stylish brand name and glossy appearance but the pearly white elegant Vogue Perle package conceals fashion cigarettes that are clearly targeted to young women say campaigners. British American Tobacco created it in Paris and has been condemned for trying to make it fashionable to smoke.

The Vogue brand is already sold by the company in 55 countries, nevertheless the Vogue Perle released locally has been described as their first demi-slim. It is taller and more slender than the king size yet broader and shorter than the super thin ones.

Critics say smoking is made to look elegant, classy and sexy because of the white filter tip and design of the pack. One marketing expert said the cigarettes looked like things found in Selfridges behind the counter.

The company is trying to take advantage of the desire a woman has to feel beautiful in order to sell their cigarettes and that is sad since they only will destroy the beauty. Cancer Research UK’s Robin Hewings said that young women being lured towards smoking and its deadly addiction through beguiling images.

The launch followed the uproar made when Kate Moss walked down the catwalk with a cigarette in Paris and even Cheryl Cole has been criticized because of her smoking.