New Dehli-Metallo, NDM-1, new health threat you may get to know

Just months after the Swine flu scare, scientists are now warning that there is a new bug called New Dehli-Metallo-1 that could pose a threat worldwide. The bug, also know as NDM-1, is an enzyme that attaches itself to bacteria and can cause health issues elsewhere in the patients body.

Scientists are concerned that NDM-1 could potentially attach itself to deadly diseases and possibly make the bacteria resistant to antibiotics. The bug has mainly been discovered in E-Coli bacteria.

The new health threat was picked up in UK hospitals and there have been 37 cases reported so far. Most of the patients with NDM-1 have recently visited Asia on medical grounds and scientists are claiming there is a potential for the bug to become endemic. Scientists have condemned people travelling for plastic surgery to India as a potential risk in the current situation and could end up being the cause of a worldwide endemic.

UK hospitals have been alerted of the situation and advised that strict infection control procedures need to be maintained. The have also been asked to provide any samples from patients suspected of having NDM-1.

The UK’s HPA, Health Protection Agency, are currently working alongside other European countries to produce antibiotics for NDM-1. The HPA expect the situation to worsen in the near future and have expressed their concerns for this bug to become highly dangerous and for the lack of procedures in place to tackle such an outbreak.