New Diabetes App may help millions

A brand new and very interesting App has been created for the UK market which, when used effectively, could result in the NHS saving many £millions. The App, which is named SocialDiabetes is a very easy-to-use iPhone and android app with which patients are assisted to manage and help control their diabetes ups and downs.

As any sufferer already knows managing glycaemic levels goes a long way in helping to prevent associated illnesses such as kidney failure, nerve damage, stroke, blindness and amputation. Use of the App can prevent the need for treatment of these complications and save the NHS £millions

The SocialDiabetes App (UNESCO WSA mobile healthcare 2012 winner) helps people with diabetes “stick to the routine” of self-managing their diabetes so they don’t accidentally go outside safe blood sugar levels. A patient can invite their Health Care Professional to check their stats at any time (via a mobile connection) so they can live their life with peace of mind.

If insulin is needed, the APP suggests the optimum insulin dose based on the medical treatment plan. This gives the patient room to change what they’d like to eat without worrying about side-effects. The SocialDiabetes App helps to avoid serious symptoms that can be costly to treat and destroy quality of life.

“I’m one of the 400 million people with diabetes,” said Victor Bautista, Founder, SocialDiabetes. “I have type 1 diabetes. It’s an auto-immune disease which means that I need insulin to live. Currently, there is no cure. The SocialDiabetes App adjusts my optimum insulin dosage by calculating my carb intake against my blood glucose levels. It prevents dangerous hypoglycaemia’s and keeps me within “safe” blood glucose levels.

“Over time the App recognises dangerous patterns in my behaviour and warns me before a hypo can happen. So it prevents problems from building up and reduces the chance of any complications I could encounter from having diabetes.”

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