New drug helps with heart failure

The Lancet has recently published the results of a clinical trial testing a drug that should help in the care of heart failure patients. Omecamtiv Mecarbil, according to research, will help patients by making heart contractions easier. Early clinical trials are suggesting that the medicine will help those suffering from the disease and the drug, which has been developed in the United States, works by activating a protein that will cause the heart muscle to contract to a greater degree.

Heart failure is often caused after the heart has suffered significant damage, this is something that can occur during a heart attack. A failing heart cannot provide sufficient blood flow to the body. Natasha Steward works for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as a senior cardiac nurse. She has stated that, “it does seem that using certain doses of Omecamtiv Mercabil can offer some improvement to a damaged heart.”

Stewart also commented that, “This is a very early stage for the drug, the study we have seen here only took place for a very short time and with a small number of patients. Before we can say this drug is safe for use and will be effective, clinical trials of a much greater scale will need to be conducted.”

The BHF runs the Mending Broken Hearts campaign which raises money in the hope of finding a cure for heart failure. The campaign hopes to raise over £50m to spend on research to help the quarter of a million people who suffer from heart failure in the UK.