New drug may guard against stroke damage

Scientists are constantly looking for ways to reduce the negative effects of different illnesses and it seems like they’ve made progress regarding the after-effects of a stroke. Supposedly, a new drug is currently being tested and it can protect the human brain from the damage caused by a stroke. Researchers from the Canadian University of Calgary are conducting a trial which involves 185 patients.

The results show that patients who’ve been given the new drug NA-1 are more resistant to brain damage and fewer areas of their brain tissue were damaged when compared to the patients who were given a dummy drug. The new drug disrupts activity of a certain protein which is responsible for stroke damage. Most importantly, the drug is safe for humans and it can be used without any major side effects

One of the people responsible for this new drug is Professor Michael Hill from the Hotchkiss Brain institute. He says: “Medicine needs more drugs which can reduce the negative effects on the brain tissue following stroke treatment procedures.

The drug enhances the brain’s resilience to the reduced blood flow.” According to his words, the drug greatly reduces tissue damage in patients who suffered a small stroke while being operated to repair a brain aneurysm. Larger clinical trials will soon start in order to determine the effectiveness of the drug.