New drug prevents fat build up in arteries

A revolutionary new drug is reported to be able to significantly reduce the amount of fats that build up in our arteries. A team of scientists from a Swiss university have successful developed a ground breaking vaccine that has been found to prevent heart attacks. Studies reveal that the vaccine, administered either by nasal spray or injection, stops fat collecting in the arteries, a condition that is known as atherosclerosis.

This is thought to be the first drug of its kind as it is aiming to target the underlying causes of heart attacks and heart disease. There are hopes that this vaccine could be widely available within the next 5 years.

Early tests on animals, according to the Daily Telegraph, has found that the drug was able to reduce the build up of fats in the arteries by 60-70%. The vaccine works by encouraging the the body’s own immune system to produce antibodies that can fight this fat build up and prevent it from occurring in the first place. The result is that less strain is put on the heart so it is able to pump blood around the body, and through arteries, much easier.

Professor Peter Weissberg is the Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation, and he has said that the vaccination approach to treating atherosclerosis is based on an attempt to effectively interfere with the cellular mechanisms of the bod that cause the life threatening build ups of fatty deposits.

He went on to say that there will be huge interest in the outcome of the ongoing studies so see if it is both safe and whether it can influence the future of vascular disease. Professor Weissberg added that it was looking very promising, but it would still take a long time before anyone knows just how successful it is and this which patients were likely to benefit the most from this treatment.