New online directory aimed at helping those with brain injuries

A new online service directory has been launched by the Brain Injury Group that aims to point people who have been affected by brain injuries towards specialist support services. A huge range of services will now become accessible, from home insurance to family holidays, expert solicitors in the field of brain injuries to assist with a brain injury claim to footwear and even mobility aids.

The BIG directory is incredibly user friendly and people can search for services either alphabetically, by category or by location. It is the only directory online that covers the whole of England and Wales and is active now.

It will be actively promoted online on health websites from December 17 throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday period – which is often a tough time for individuals and families affected by brain injury.

“We decided to develop The BIG Directory after hearing from many families affected by brain injury who simply didn’t know where to start or who to turn to for advice, help and support,” says Sally Dunscombe, director of the Brain Injury Group. “Living with a brain injury is daunting and confusing for families and carers. Our aim is to provide people with an instant, free, online signposting service that enables them to find specialist help with ease, saving time and worry.”

“When my husband was left severely brain injured, life became very complicated,” says Sue Organ. “There was so much to take in about Charles’ condition, and although there were services and support available it seemed disjointed and I spent hours searching the internet for information. I am pleased the Brain Injury Group has launched this directory as it connects us with case managers and therapists, offers ideas for respite and includes important links to an online forum where highs and lows are shared with others in similar circumstances.”

Dauphine Scott, 49 – whose daughter Kaella, 25, was brain injured in a hit-and-run collision in 1997 aged just 10 – says, “When Kaella was brain injured, there was so much to think about, it was very difficult to know where to go or what to tackle first. It would have been wonderful to be able to go to one resource to find a wide variety of services and products designed to support those with a brain injury. The BIG Directory looks like a great idea: I’m sure it will save people a great deal of time and worry”.

Sue and Dauphine’s experiences are echoed by anecdotal research carried out by the Brain Injury Group which reveals that despite 70.8% respondents looking for information online, 83% of them found it ‘very difficult’ or ‘quite difficult’ to find information on specialist brain injury resources. A resounding 95% welcomed the idea of a single, online signposting resource to help them quickly identify support services for those living with brain injury.

The BIG Directory can be found at If you have been affected by brain injury, the provides comprehensive support services for brain injured people and their families.