New parents tend to be heavier drinkers

Recent research shows that 17% of new parents increase the amount of alcohol they consume. A children’s charity reminds that the increased alcohol intake after the birth of a child can put the baby at risk. Consuming more alcohol after the birth of your first child can be dangerous for its development, because interactions with the baby are very important and they are often neglected under the influence of alcohol.

The survey revealed other interesting statistic as well. 22% of Women admit that they start drinking more alcohol after their first child while only 10% of the men population admitted of drinking more alcohol. However, nearly 40% of fathers have a drink at least several times a week and 13% of them admit of drinking every day. Meanwhile, only 28% of women admit of drinking a few times a week and 4% state that they drink every day.

The survey was held parents with children under the age of 16. The research also showed that wealthier families consume more alcohol than the poorer ones. 11% of social grade AB families drink every day and 56% of them drink at least once a week. Only 3% of the social grade DE families admit of drinking every day and 42% of them drink at least once a week.

One of the most concerning facts is that 62% of parents think that the increased usage of alcohol or drugs doesn’t have a negative impact on their family. Only 9% of parents think that this has had a negative impact on their family. Over four million children are raised by parents who are drinking too much or have been using drugs in the past year. 4Children believes that it is the government’s responsibility to prevent this and they are asking the alcohol industry for help.

4Children’s Over the Limit report says: “We need a new campaign against alcohol in order to increase awareness of the impact which alcohol has on the average family. The alcohol industry can help us improve the life of many families by backing up our initiative with labels and advertising.”