New product from Office Fitness makes sitting for hours a lot more comfortable

Office Fitness, the experts in fitness in the workplace have just launched their new range of  Ball Chair Cosys which is an accessory for their hugely popular Ball Chair.

The revolutionary Ball Chair, which was designed and is exclusively stocked by Office Fitness, was created with the aim of reducing the the problems that are associated with sitting for prolonged periods for those workers employed in a sedentary office or call centre environment.

The new Ball Chair Cosy comes in a range of colours and is made from a microfibre fleece which instantly transforms both the look and the feel of the ball chair whilst also adding extra comfort.

Sitting in an office chair eight hours a day for five days a week can be extremely detrimental to the body’s well-being; those who don’t sit properly can experience prolonged back problems, and being inactive for long periods is bad for circulation and can lead to further health problems. Created by professional wellness experts, the Office Fitness Ball Chair was created to counteract the effects of working in a constant seated position by promoting active sitting.  An extension of the physiotherapy ball, which is widely endorsed by back care specialists, the Ball Chair sits on a base, allowing easy movement around the workspace and occupies no more space than the average office chair.

Paul Matthews, Director of Office Fitness, says, of Office Fitness, says, “Our Exercise Ball Chair is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting, as it builds core strength, improves back issues and improves posture.  We are very excited about this product, because we are giving employees the chance to improve their fitness during working hours, without even having to move!  That is why we have newly launched our range of Ball Cosys , which will give people the chance to customize their office Ball Chair.  The selection of smart colours and stylish animal print covers transform the look and feel of the Ball Chair, all of which are made from hard wearing microfleece and are easily machine washable.”

The Office Fitness Ball Chair has proved popular with employees suffering from back pain or those just wanting to improve their overall fitness.  With hectic lifestyles and more demanding working lives, many employees are finding it harder to find time to get to the gym or go swimming during the working week – now employees can strengthen their abdominal muscles and consequently improve core strength and balance, just by sitting at their desk.

With Office Fitness’s brand new range of comfortable Ball Cosys, there is no reason for employees not to reap the benefits of the Exercise Ball Chair.  The range of Cosys covers both backrest and no backrest models, and comes in a variety of colours and animal print designs for the more adventurous.

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