New study suggests pottering can extend life span

A study done on 4,232 people for 12 years whose are over sixty years old has revealed that engaging in physical activity like fixing items around the house and pottering at the garden can make you live for longer.

Although you wouldn’t expect an old person to be as active as a youth to engage in heavy physical activity, engaging in non-strenuous physical activity can be of great help in making you live longer. This physical activity reduces chances of having a heart attack and stroke.

Findings of this study have been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. According to the Karolinska University Hospital researchers, there is a tendency of old people living a sedentary kind of lifestyle a trend that has not been observed in any other age group.

The researchers considered different factors in their study including the activity level from sitting and exercising. Some of these activities include doing home repairs, fixing the car, cutting lawns, going hunting, and picking blackberries.

According to the research findings, those who had days full of activity had the lowest chances of having a heart attack followed by those who engaged in minor activities and with those doing nothing facing the greatest risk of heart attack. Physical activity can reduce your chances of having a stroke and heart attack by 27%. Additionally, this activity reduces the risk of death by 30%.

According to the report, engaging in physical improves cardiovascular health and longer life in elderly people irrespective of the level of activity. The study finding would be very important in the treatment of older people who have a tendency of staying idle for long. Sitting idle lowers your metabolism rate by altering the hormones that the muscles produce, which ultimately has a negative effect on your overall physical health.