New vaccination programme aimed at pregnant women is announced

The Department of Health has recently announced a new vaccination programme, which is going to cost £10 million, and is going to see nearly 700,000 women who are pregnant have their infants protected after birth.

The idea behind the programme is that the mothers are going to be given the vaccination, which will protect the babies once they are born, even at an age when they are too young to be immunised against diseases themselves.

In the last year, there have been nine deaths in the UK of babies who are under 10 weeks old, and it is believed that many of these are because they have not been vaccinated before this age. The reason babies are not vaccinated at this age is because they cannot develop a proper immune response to the vaccines, so there is little use them being given.

The idea behind the new vaccination programme is that it is going to mean that mothers are given the vaccination instead, and they will pass the antibodies onto their child, so that various diseases are prevented in the child, before they are even born.

This is the second time in recent years that pregnant women have been offered this vaccination, and a similar situation happened after the swine flu outbreak, where pregnant women were offered the flu jab, to protect their unborn children.

The general advice for pregnant women is that they shouldn’t take medication while they are pregnant if they can avoid it, and this latest vaccination programme, is a change of tact for the health service.

However, it does seem like the most effective move that is currently available, and it should prevent several of the unnecessary deaths that have been occurring in very young babies. Various vaccinations will still need to be given to the child once they have been born however.