New Year challenge from “Time to Touch”

A recent campaign about New Year’s resolutions has been launched and this is called the Time to Touch, and it is designed to encourage women to make more regular examinations of their breasts, in order to prevent breast cancer in the future. The company are going to be giving away examination gloves, which will help women to detect any lumps on their breasts.

January is regarded as the month when most people decide to make changes to their lifestyle, and it is often people’s decision to take better care of themselves. The campaign that is being launched this year is designed to help women do just this. The organisation have said that women should be checking their breasts at least monthly to make sure that there are no lumps present.

“Each New Year people set themselves big unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that are hard to keep resulting in people giving up early on, but our challenge is a simple one, we want women to make caring for their breasts their number one commitment throughout 2013 and beyond.” says Karen Winterhalter, of IC Pharma the company behind BE-gLOVE. “We want women to really get behind the “Time to Touch” campaign and want them to think more about touching their breasts on a regular basis and learn to love the feel of them, which in the long term will help them identify any lumps as they arise.”

As part of the campaign, BE-gLOVE are using Twitter to trend #FeelYourBoobsFriday, with super models Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone and Cara Delevingne and celebrities Dannii Minogue and Make in Chelsea It Girl Millie Mackintosh sharing tweets with their followers.

“If women are going to make one New Year’s resolution this year we want it to be checking their breasts as we are aware that survival rates increase significantly the sooner a malignant lump is identified, therefore it’s crucial for women to keep checking their breasts on a regular basis and talk to their doctor as soon as they find a lump or something unusual,” continues Winterhalter.

Women can help fulfil their New Year’s resolutions by using BE-gLOVE which was found to be 50% more effective than using fingers to identify breast lumps. BE-gLOVE has been designed to make it easier for women to undertake effective breast self-examinations and by reducing friction on the skin, BE-gLOVE prevents lumps from being pushed away by the fingers and increases the user’s sense of touch by 15 times, making it easier to find even the smallest of lumps.

Women who are unsure how to check their breasts for lumps can now watch the BE-gLOVE video user guide on YouTube. BE-gLOVE is hypo-allergenic and can be used for up to two years before it needs to be replaced. The retail price is £24.95 and it can be bought directly from