NHS confirm outbreak of legionnaires disease in Edinburgh

An outbreak of legionnaires disease recently took the lives of three people in Edinburgh and the outbreak has recently been confirmed over by the NHS. It is not yet sure whether disease originated from but it is thought that it is from some cooling towers that are based in the south west of Edinburgh.

The number of suspected cases is currently at over 100 and it is thought that the number of cases has been dramatically reduced because health officials were effective in minimising the spread of the disease.

The Health Secretary for Scotland has stated that the outbreak is over and that no new people have become infected, although some people are still struggling with the disease. The director of public health is Dr Alison McCallum then she has commented, “We expect that in the near future more people are going to come forward who have contracted the disease, but these patients already exist, we do not expect that any more people will be contracting the disease. Because of this we have decided to declare the outbreak as over.”

Environmental samples have been taken from areas around Edinburgh to identify the potential source of the outbreak. Analysis and testing is currently taking place but it is unlikely that even once the researchers completed the research the definitive location for the outbreak of the disease will be found.

The disease has led to the deaths of three people so far and most of them do have links to people in the south-west of Edinburgh. Officials have stated their research will help them to better understand why this disease did have an outbreak in the city.