NHS cuts to lead to more STI’s

Sexual health charities are warning that NHS cuts could lead to an increase in the amount of sexually transmitted infections that occur as well as to an increase in abortions. Many of the cuts will restrict or reduce access to contraceptive services that helped to prevent STIs from spreading while also reducing the amount of abortions that were requested.

Health charities Brook and the Family Planning Association are warning that the health service will actually end up spending hundreds of millions by not taking care of the matter promptly. They also claim that NHS efficiency savings are not helping to offer a better quality of contraceptive services.

According to the charities, now some healthcare commissioners are choosing to restrict access to contraceptives based on place of residence and age. In other areas the services that can be offered to residents are limited.

The charities published a report on the matter titled Unprotected Nation which claims that if the NHS restrictions stay in place there are going to be 22,000 extra abortions completed by the year 2020. In addition, experts are also concerned that there will be 91,000 extra STIs diagnosed every year for the next seven years.

According to the report, this would come at an additional cost of £600m to the health service system by the year 2020. The charities believe that the NHS would save more in the long run if they would work on their efficiency in services instead of simply cutting services.

Dr. Audrey Simpson the chief executive of the FPA stated that STIs and unplanned pregnancies have costs to people’s well being and health, but at the same time they also bring heavy costs to the welfare state and the NHS that are very real and need to be taken seriously.