Noise at your workplace can give you a heart attack

The noise at your workplace can increase your risk of heart attack, especially if you are a young male smoker.  This was determined by a recent study that researched the effects of a noisy workplace on labourers.  If the noise is continual and well above normal volume it leads to much increased stress.

Individuals who are stressed are likely to smoke more, eat more, and exercise less.  All of these factors are strong indicators of heart disease and, therefore, loud noise in the workplace can lead to a higher risk of heat disease.

Participants were separated into those workers who had to endure persistent loud noise three months running and those who didn’t.  Loud noise was determined to be sound that caused the participant to have to speak above normal talking levels in order to be heard.

Those who suffered the loud noise were more than twice as likely to suffer cardiac problems and heart disease.  Those who didn’t suffer the noise did not see any rise in the chances for heart disease and cardiac problems.

Certainly other factors, like smoking and obesity, can play into cardiac problems as well.  Those with such conditions need to be doubly aware and adjust their lifestyle for a better chance to avoid heart attack.