Obam Stairlifts raise you up

Obam engineers are highly skilled and equipped with years of experience in installing different types Public Access elevators, liaising with planners and architects in order to provide objective advice to help customers come up with the right kind of decision for the job.
Melody 1 Platform Lift
Melody 1 Platform Lifts are non-enclosed lifts that have a carriage gate for additional safety. When facing problems with wheelchair access to a public building, a ramp is usually not feasible because of the required length in order to achieve the gradient. The Melody 1 Platform lift is a lifting platform that was designed to address this particular problem, and it is available in different models that would suit lifting height requirements of up to 1 metre.

The Melody 1 Platform lift is versatile as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, with a design that incorporates an integral ramp in order to eliminate needing a pit, which minimizes the work to a minimum.

This particular platform lift is also unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing, with a standard finish that does not require maintenance as it uses stainless steel as its primary material, and can also use paint finishes that can suit the surrounding decor. The hydraulic system is state of the art that it provides a quiet and smooth operation.

Another major feature of the Melody 1 Platform lift design is its lack of support tower or mast, this minimises aesthetic intrusion into the surroundings. The controls are convenient and easy to use with its shallow approach ramp. It is also very reliable with backup batteries that provide normal operation of up to 30 cycles in case there is a power cut.
Melody 2 Platform Lift
The Melody 2 Platform Lift is an unobtrusive, non-enclosed and cost-effective platform lift that is ideal in areas where a short rise wheelchair access of up to 3 metres is required. The Melody 2 Public Access Lift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, with an integral ramp incorporated design that eliminates the need for a pit, keeping the construction work to a minimum.

One of its major design features is the lack of support tower that minimizes the environmental aesthetic intrusion. Its standard finish is stainless steel that is maintenance free; however, other paint finishes and materials can be applied to suit the building or surrounding décor. The lift has an emergency lowering facility for when there is a power failure.
Otolift ONE
The Otolift ONE from Obam Stairlifts is ideal for areas with steep slopes and can negotiate any kind of staircases, which ensures comfortable ride that allows the highest possible clearance for the user’s knees. With the ONE in your house, you and your family can continue using the stairs as before, as the ONE takes up minimal space to leave ample room for normal stair use.
Platinum Rail
The designers of the Platinum Rail have simplified the installation so that the superior design is maintained without compromising ergonomics, and ease of installation that typically takes only two hours, even in curves. The Platinum Curve offers a customised track that can fit any measurement requirements.