Obesity and tooth decay

Obesity is now running rampant in British society, with this epidemic of being overweight comes a very wide range of health problems which most people are aware of such as diabetes, various cancers, joint problems and of course heart disease.

But many people are not aware of is that there is strong evidence from the Endocrine Society that there is a direct relationship between tooth decay and obesity, especially in children. According to their report there is a clear correlation between obesity and dental problems.

The pattern of increased weight and increase oral hygiene and decay problems are closely linked over the last 50 years. The more weight that the average person gains, the more dental problems have arisen.

It is not too difficult to figure out why obesity and dental health go together hand in hand. Firstly there is the issue of simply eating more food will mean more use of the teeth, and a higher probability that food will be left between the teeth to decay, and that there will be a build up of plaque, and an increase in gingivitis.

Another problem is that obese people tend to have unhealthy eating habits, which include large amounts of fats, starches and sugars, all of which contribute to dental health issues.

Another problem with overeating is snacking between meals; these snacks tend to take the form of prepackaged foods, many of which contain high amounts of sugar as well as being laced with chemicals which also attack the teeth.

Improvements can of course be made by individuals in reducing their weight and at the same time their tendency towards dental problems. Eating more vegetables and fruit for snacks instead of empty calories will certainly help.

A complete change in diet to a healthier lifestyle is also obviously extremely effective, as is increased levels of activity in the form of exercise, as well as a better regime of flossing and brushing teeth. But perhaps the most effective short-term gain can be made from more regular visits to the dentist, even if that means investing in some dental health insurance in order to make dental visits more financially viable.

Whatever you choose to do, you should make changes in order to improve your overall health as well as saving your teeth from the inevitable decay that being overweight brings.