Parent urged to vaccinate their teenagers against HPV

Health experts are advising parents to vaccinate their teenagers against HPV. Public health experts are hoping that parents will take advantage of the new HPV vaccine and allow their daughters to have it as it could help save their lives down the line and has been proven to possibly prevent the development of cancer.

Before GP’s can administer the HPV vaccine parental agreement is needed. Due to the fact that HPV is a STD there has been controversy over the vaccine, however, it is has also been proven to protect girls against cervical cancer later in life.

The vaccine is administered at a young age to make sure that girls are protected from the HPV virus before they become exposed to its strains via sexual intercourse. Since 2008 it has been a national goal to vaccinate teen girls in Year 8 against the virus strain.

The vaccine programme is made up of three different injections that should be administered throughout a six month period. In the Isles of Sicily and Cornwall GP’s give the vaccines after an appointment is made. At this point the GP offers advice to young people regarding their health in the future.

Newly published figures show now that take-up rates on the vaccine are still low despite the push to get young girls vaccinated. In fact, a bit under half of girls that should have been vaccinated since September of 2011 have actually completed series of vaccines. The two previous cohorts during September of 2009 and September of 2010 had better take-up rates coming in at 80% and 77% respective by the year.