Patients in Wales dying due to under-performing A&E’s

Hospital consultants from all over Wales are claiming that their patients are dying because their A&E departments are not performing correctly. In a letter written to Mark Drakeford the new Health Minister, the College of Emergency Medicine explained that they have seen high demand in the last few years and the NHS system is now outdated.

According to the letter the emergency departments in Morriston and Bridgend are coming close to a meltdown and are in short very overcrowded. It went on to explain that this places patients at a higher risk and is not a safe practice because it is a documented fact that when patients remain in emergency departments instead of being admitted the death rates increase.

The letter also pointed out that all of the doctors and hospital consultants that have signed their names have watched the standard of care slowly start to slip away in their departments and as they continue to look after dozens of patients they are not able to offer every patient the care they should receive.

According to the consultants, overcrowding is a large problem that has started to occur daily because there are simply not enough hospital beds. In order to drive their point home, they gave examples of previous patients that had suffered.

For instance, they explained that one patient that was suffering from chest pains had to be examined in the eye exam room and then the patient went into cardiac arrest. Another example was of a child that had a severe seizure and was not able to be treated in the resuscitation bay.

Consultants claim that the problem escalates as the Welsh Ambulance Service is not able to promptly respond to emergencies since there is a pile up of ambulances parked at hospital ER bays.